The 'Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin', is an Italian classification which indicates the geographical origin of a wine. The name of the DOCG label must be displayed on the label and can consist of

-either simply the geographical name of the wine-growing zone

-or a combination of the historical name of a product and its production area

The DOCG products include wines produced in specific geographical areas, grouped according to rules and product specifications which were defined and approved by a Ministerial Decree. In addition, the abbreviations 'Italian DOCG' and 'DOC' have been absorbed by new acronym DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) after a new pan-European standard was created in 2010.




The DOCG denomination is reserved for DOC wines that have already been recognised by at least five years, which have special quality characteristics compared to those of similar DOC wines and  who have acquired commercial importance at national and international level thanks to the perseverance of that product wine-making tradition throughout history.


These wines, before being put on the market, must be subjected to various tests which certify that the requirements of the specification have been met. The DOCG wines are then finally also carried through a sensory analysis by a special commission.


Obviously, non-compliance prevents the placing on the market under the classification DOCG - though the wine remains a DOC.