Vegetative Vigour: Contained.

Productivity: Average

Leaf: Medium-sized, entire or slightly three-lobed.

Bunch: Fairly tight, elongated, round berries, dark purple, rich bloom.

Period of Maturation: Second half of September.

Brachetto is a aromatic red berries grape, mainly used for the production of aromatic sparkling sweet wines, and much more rarely, dry wines. Brachetto has reached a position of prominence among the aromatic dessert wines and boasts great popularity especially among younger consumers, who appreciate its bouquet particularly delicate and refined. The area of ​​cultivation is prevalent between the rivers Belbo Barmida and the provinces of Alessandria and Asti, but it can also be found in other areas of the Piedmont.

Prefers sunny plots of matrix limestone or calcareous clay. Typically the production of Brachetto is contained, but sometimes it is characterized by alternating production between one year and another.