Vigor:  vigorous

Time of bud burst: medium

Ripens: early

Production: very abundant and constant

Average weight of the cluster: cluster large and elongated, semicompact

Berry: big, black-purple

Cultivation requirements: it adapts to different environments, preferring not too fertile soil and humid and temperate-warm and dry for a general equilibrium vegetoproduttivo.

Sensitivity of adversity: good resistance to drought.

Potential wine: wine of ruby ​​red color with low acidity, enter into blended with Sangiovese to improve the color tone, which Sangiovese is lacking.

Vine introduced in Italy probably from Spain, it spread initially in Tuscany, then in other provinces of Northern Italy, even in areas quite cold due to early ripening of the grapes. Gives the wine a deep red color, but is deficient with regard to the total level of acidity.