Vigour: Good

Time of bud burst: medium-early

Time of ripening: medium-late

Production: average

Average weight of the bunch: compact, conical-shaped and usually curved in the distal part, sometimes pyramidal, winged with two short wings; peduncle visible

Berry: medium size, subsferico, leathery thick skin

Cultivation requirements: Compatible with the most common rootstock used in Sicily.

Sensitivity of adversity: Poor resistance to spring frosts if grown in wetlands and cold and in the middle resistance to fungal diseases the most important.

According to the 1890 nell'Ampelografia Italian Ministry of Agriculture, could be a vine indigenous to the territory of Victoria or introduced from other areas or even other neighboring Italian or Spanish areals.

Baron Mendola, who first described the vine, reports that the variety may be native to the town of Victoria where it is cultivated since the seventeenth century.