Vigour: medium to good

Time of bud burst: late

Time of ripening: medium-late

Production: medium-good and fairly constant

Average weight of the bunch: Average, more or less compact

Berry: average black-purple

Cultivation requirements: prefers not too expanded forms of cultivation, pruning with medium-short, medium-textured soils and clayey-calcareous soils.

Sensitivity to adversity subject all'acinellatura green, it has good resistance to late frosts.

Potential wine: the wine obtained is characterized by an intense ruby ​​red color with purple hues, medium tannins and body, suitable for aging. Also suitable for the production of rosé.

Renowned wine variety grown in Abruzzo in central Italy. Montepulciano, in the past wrongly considered synonymous with Sangiovese vine is characterized by medium-late maturity, which prefers forms of farming not too expanded and pruning mid-court.