Vegetative Vigour: Very requires a fairly long pruning.

Productivity: Good, more or less constant

Leaf: Medium-sized, three-lobed, sometimes lobed.

Bunch: Of medium size, elongated, round berries, purplish, very pruinose.

Period of Maturation: From October 15, is the last of the Piedmontese vines to be pruned.

Considered as originated in the Piedmont, this old vine has been documented since 1160. Along with Sangiovese, is the nobility of the Italian varietals. Produces red powerful and uniquely fragrant. Nebbiolo is a grape with extended area of​​cultivation of the Piedmont region.

The vine buds early and late maturing, very demanding in terms of the siting of the plant: its cultivation is therefore limited to areas that are particularly suited, in vineyards with optimal exposure. In wines expresses the highest quality in the course autumn vintages with hot and dry, able to ensure a good accumulation of sugars together with a significant reduction of organic acids and particularly to a high accumulation of polyphenols.