Vigour: medium

Time of bud burst: average

Ripening period: late

Production: average and erratic

Average weight of the cluster: cluster medium-small, semispargolo

Berry: medium

Cultivation requirements: provide better qualitative and quantitative results with pruning that allow you to make more consistent production and to determine in advance of maturity.

Sensitivity to adversity sensitive to downy mildew, has high resistance to cold winter.

Oenological potential: giving the wines a good aromatic complexity and a high content of polyphenols, is also vinified in the type raisin.

The Sagrantino is an autochthonous Umbrian which has limited distribution, in the past had been almost abandoned and has recently been revalued. His current area planted affects few municipalities in the Montefalco. Has carriage of the vegetation type semi-erect, medium vigor, good fertility and basal short internodes with nodes of average size. In clayey limestone reaches an optimal level of physiological maturity, optimizing the content of polyphenols tend to be high.